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2009-12-31(Thu) 19:22:59
Today is last day of GOD DAMMMMMN 2009.Cool!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!guys and girls.
I love every oldfriends and newfriends. I love someone always loving and helping and fixing me.
I love my job!I love u and u and u and u.in especial u(---u know i'm talking about u)!
BYE!fuck damn 2009!I hate u!
HELLO! 2010.(plz give me love and hope,Mr2010)

and good luck,DOCTOR....T—TI know u will die at tomorrow....and turn into a 長頸鹿。oh...i'm so sad...:(

in 2010,i hope i can learning good english.I don't want to write rubbish(like this) and be a 文盲,not anymore!I want to reading DARKROOM(and any hoooot slashfannovel,shy:3)!!!
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